UPDATE: Avoid PrivacyGuides. They are recommending proprietary software, such as Apple Mail and Canary Mail! (, This is a big red flag. These programs are black boxes, we do not know what are they doing at all. The user loses the control. We, as privacy activists, should have high standards and do not allow recommending software that violates users privacy.

Created by a former maintainer of This site at least isn’t Cloudflared. Let’s see if it’s any better than PrivacyTools in their recommendations:

Probably more, but this alone shows that there’s no real privacy here. Yet another privacy website which instead of digging deeper for real private alternatives they recommend the mainstream solutions. They go as far as recommending proprietary spyware like Apple Mail or Safari.

This does not make PrivacyGuides useless, there are still good recommendations there. But they recommend well-known privacy violators like Cloudflare and proprietary software like Apple Mail and Canary Mail. This should not be tolerated by privacy advocators. There are alternatives much more private that are just as easy to use.

What extra work does it cost the user to switch to a private DNS instead of switching to Cloudflare? If someone is changing their DNS servers anyway, why do they recommend Cloudflare instead of a better provider? You have to follow exactly the same process to change your DNS servers, no matter if it’s Cloudflare’s or Mullvad’s. This applies to other recommendations they make and we can’t understand the reasoning behind such decisions.

UPDATE2: They are now recommending 1Password (, They give a bunch of reasons, yet we can’t understand why are they recommending this. 1Password is a proprietary password manager whose main feature is cloud sync (Bitwarden does exactly the same being free/libre software). Oh and 1Password is also paid, no free tier. This is definetely going to be a drawback for non technical users, which by reading their arguments seem to be the target public for this recommendation. Bitwarden has an excellent free tier. They mention that one advantage of 1Password over Bitwarden is excellent support for native clients. Bitwarden also has native clients, but I don’t think that matters because a non technical user will just use the web version anyway, people does everything on their browser nowadays.

To sum up, we can’t find a good reason for recommending the proprietary 1Password when you’re already recommending Bitwarden. The difference in terms of features is minimal, the dealbreaker is that Bitwarden is free/libre software while 1Password is proprietary.